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Lighthouse Lens Cut Collection

There is nothing like a piece of Strellman's jewelry to start a conversation. Mr. Stellman got the idea for his dramatic way to cut a gemstone from the lens of a lighthouse near his jewelry store in Oregon and the Lighthouse Lens cut was born. Using the finest lab grown sapphires from Switzerland in a rainbow of colors, all Strellmans pieces are available in your choice of 14kt white or yellow gold. All Strellmans jewelry is protected with a lifetime warranty on the gemstones - it does not get any better than that.

Through sophisticated polishing techniques and added faceting we have created a bold fashion statement for today's jewelry consumer. Each Lens Cut is cut with the grain to achieve maximum brilliance and color dispersion. It requires about 125 carats of "rough" to achieve a 10 ct. gemstone.

Called a "Lens-Cut" due to it's faceting similar to the French "Fresnel" (Frey-nell) lighthouse lantern lens created to direct a beam of light to be seen out to sea. Our Len Cut stones sparkle, reflect, and project light as no other stone cut can!